Key Things To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Mirrors

When you start thinking of all the nice bathroom accessories that you have, you probably don’t think of your mirror as much as you should. There are many different things to consider when choosing one, and getting the right quality and decor is important. Here are some great tips to help you the next time you need to buy bathroom mirrors.

Of Course, There Are Different Qualities of Bathroom Mirrors

You can almost always find some inexpensive mirrors at the local dollar store. The’ll have a cardboard frame and backing, be pretty lightweight and cheap. But you should avoid going cheap for your main mirror in the bathroom and here’s why. Most of those cheap mirrors have frames made from cheap plastic or cardboard and they’ll separate and let your mirror fall to the ground and break after just a short while. The moisture in the bathroom will soak into the cardboard and whatever hanging hardware that came standard won’t be able to take the weight of the glass, and down it will fall.

The next problem with the cheap bathroom mirrors is that the paint on the back side of the glass that gives it the reflecting ability will also deteriorate in the moisture and soon you’ll see a creeping cancer of unreflecting area growing from the edges. These mirrors are OK for a dry bedroom, or other places that aren’t important, but for your main bathroom where you take your showers, they’re not good and not going to last. For an excellent example of what you should look for, check out this website:

Look For Thick Glass With Quality Fasteners

However the glass is held into the frame, make sure that it is very secure. The moisture in a bathroom is considered extreme, and good quality is important. A good mirror won’t be flexible, won’t change the shape of your head if you push on it, and the frame will be solid, all the way around. Remember, you’re going to have to wipe the glass at least once, every single morning after you shower. It will need to be tough enough to take that, 365 days a year. If you have a spouse and other family members doing the same, just multiply by that number. Then get a strong, tough, frame, with heavy duty glass for the mirror, or you’ll be replacing it regularly. Bathroom mirrors with a bevelled edge are a sign of thick, quality glass.

When it comes to matching your decor, you can sometimes buy the mirror separate from the frame too. Some strong frames can be found at your local craft store or home store, and then you can buy a mirror to fit inside of it. Same rules apply though, you need strength enough to take daily cleanings to clear the fog from every family member, every day. If you can, get the strong woven hanging wire that is made for the extra weight and abuse. Then, for the wall, anchor the fasteners into the framing 2 X 4s inside. If you can’t do that in the location that you need, there are extra-strong fasteners that will take the abuse and fasten onto drywall. Look for heavy duty on the label and make sure you have the amount of weight they’ll carry doubled for safe measure.

Now that you’re armed with all the right information on strength and quality, all that needs to be done is getting the right size and one that matches your decor. Keep in mind that it is possible to get a bathroom mirror without any frame if you can’t find the exact right colour that you need. Elite Bathroomware has the great quality you’re looking for, you can trust them for all your bathroom accessory needs from towel racks to toilet roll holders, all quality made.